Watching an artist painting live is almost like a meditation. It's an unique experience for your special event or wedding and the best way to capture the emotion when it happens.



I will come on-site to paint your wedding from start to finish. You and your guests can watch my painting process unfold before your eyes. 

Stage 1: Let me know your available time and date, then we can set up a zoom call to discuss what moment you would like to be painted

Stage 2: I will send you an invoice with a summary of our discussion, pay 50% of the deposit - let's lock in the date!

Stage 3: I will arrive to the venue 2-3 hours earlier to start painting the background of the venue

Stage 4: When your guest arrive the venue, they will see some progress of the painting

Stage 5: Enjoy your night, your guests are welcome to take photos, ask any questions or even help to paint the canvas

Stage 6: When it is almost the end of the night, come to check out the painting! 

Stage 7: I will bring the canvas home and complete the final bits to make it prefect, varnish and deliver the painting to you within 1 week



  • 40x50cm - Standard
  • 50x60cm - Midsize
  • 60x85cm - Large