Sharing my story with SBS Melbourne - 8 years journey since relocated from Hong Kong to Melbourne

I have a few "pinch me" moments in my art business:

  1. First Live Illustration Event for Prada: Thank you, Laura at The Ingk Studio, for this incredible opportunity. 
  2. Travelled Interstate to Adelaide: I shared my art on stage at my digital art exhibition, E/Scapes by Pullman, at Pullman Adelaide. It was definitely a highlight of my artist journey...
  3. SBS Melbourne Interview: Last month, I had an interview with SBS where I talked about my story over the past eight years. This was actually my second time at SBS. I met interviewer Aaron at a Live Chinese Calligraphy Event back in February 2024 for SBS Melbourne's Lunar New Year celebration.




I was so excited to be back at SBS. This was my first time being interviewed in Australia, and I heard my radio interview would reach tens of thousands of people. Once it’s on the podcast, it could be even more! Oh my gosh...


I had a brief idea about what I wanted to talk about that would interest the audience. I was very nervous and excited at the same time, so I calmed myself with my daily Flat White coffee. Aaron and I had a chat outside the recording room before going in. He was excellent at making me feel comfortable and guiding me through the process.


Then, it was time to start the interview!


Time went by so quickly! It felt like chatting with an old friend, as if time traveled back eight years, talking about life, career, and art. I didn’t want it to end, but eventually, the recording was finished.



Photo Credit: SBS/Aaron Wan



8 years in Melbourne.


It's time to officially share my story and what I went through since relocated from Hong Kong with SBS, I talked about


🤜 What I did the first thing after moving to a new country

👊 Quit - recreate my life and career, over and over again

🤜 Balancing life with my day job and thriving art business

👊 My thoughts about quit your day job or keep your day job

🤜 Warning: It might inspire you to action now and go for your dream



If you're interested in tuning in and understand Cantonese, click this link and have a listen :)

I shared my story because I want you to know: if you have something you want to try, go for it. It could be even better than you have ever imagined.



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